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Question: When a product is out of stock, how long until it becomes available again?


Answer: If a product is out of stock generally it will be re-stocked within 30 business days. If the product is shown as discontinued it will not be re-stocked in the future.


Question: How do I find out information about my order?

Answer: Simply click my account in the top right hand corner and sign in with your username and password.


Question: When will I receive my product?

Answer: Once your order is confirmed by one of Teqtronix's sales reps you will receive e-mail confirmation that your order has been approved and it will ship within 48 hours of confirmation.  Generally it takes 1-2 business days within Canada and 3-5 business days for United States.


Question: What shipping company is used to send products?

Answer: All products are shipped standard UPS or ATS


If you have any further questions or concerns for Teqtronix International Inc. or our products please refer to the 'Contact Us' page.